The following lyrics are from Madonna's song, Beautiful Stranger It is obvious that Madonna is praising Satan in this song. She sings, " You're the devil in disguise, that's why I'm singing this song to you. Considering the godless life which Madonna lives, it is abundantly clear that she is of the Devil. By every definition of the word, "worship," Madonna is worshipping Satan when she calls him a "beautiful stranger. Another perverted song of Madonna is " Justify My Love. It's extremely sexy, with sensual beats.

While the song has a sexual, haunting feeling about it and very mysterious. Her voice sounds steamy, while she heavily breathes ''I wanna kiss you in Paris, I wanna hold your hand in Rome, I wanna run naked in a rainstorm, Make love in a train, cross-country, You put this in me, So now what, So now what? She moans continuously, carrying out the tunes whisperingly, and heavily breathing over darkly intense and sensual beats!

It was released in and went on to top the Billboard pop chart. It was written by Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chavez, although Chavez was not initially credited, allegedly to prevent rumors later admitted that she was having an affair with Kravitz. The song was unique in that Madonna sings only the background vocals, which are technologically distorted for a higher pitch - the verses are all spoken and whispered.

This style served as a prelude to her next album Eroticain which she spoke the lyrics on some of the songs rather than singing them. The Video also features her then boyfriend model, actor Tony Ward. Some of the dancers featured in the video are also dancers from Her Blonde Ambition Tour. Besides being a number one hit, "Justify My Love" was also notable for its controversial music video.

Featuring scenes of nudity, homosexuality, mild sado-masochism and other overt sexual situations, the clip was banned from MTV.

devil in disguise song meaning

MTV's pass on the video created a furor that made headlines. ABC's Nightline played the video in its entirety and Madonna herself appeared on the program to defend her position and express her views on censorship. In any case, the video itself became a bestselling "video single" when it was released on VHS that year.

When Forrest Sawyer pointed out to Madonna that she stood to profit even more from the banning of "Justify My Love", Madonna, in typical fashion, smiled and said, "Well, lucky me! In mid, the video was aired on MTV2 in its entirety as part of a special countdown showing the most controversial videos ever to air on MTV.

Did you read that? Featuring scenes of nudity, homosexuality, mild sadomasochism and other overt sexual situations, the clip was banned from MTV. Madonna is a sicko pervert with no regard for God nor decency. In her despicable song, "Like A Virgin," she sings Like a virgin, ooh, ooh Like a virgin Feels so good inside. Do you really want your teenage daughter listening to this kind of filth? No wonder teenagers are so messed up nowadays. These poor public school kids are deprived of prayer and Bible reading in class; but then they're fed the bologna that humans evolved from apes.

They're denied any type of moral instruction or faith in God at school; but then they're taught that homosexuality is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Then they come home from school and listen to Madonna glorifying sexual intercourse. The shocking part is that parents consent to all of this.

Every parent must give account to God for the influences they allow in their child's life. What kind of parent are you? Madonna is a terrible role model for young girls and boys, leading them into rebellion against God.

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During the concerts of her "Confessions" world tour, the American diva appears crucified on a mirrored cross while wearing a crown of thorns.Lyrics submitted by kevin. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - M. Beautiful Stranger is found on the album Max 6.

Madonna — Beautiful Stranger.

devil in disguise song meaning

Read More Edit Wiki. Haven't we met?

Elvis Presley - Devil In Disguise Lyrics

Some kind of beautiful stranger You could be good for me I've had the taste for danger If I'm smart then I'll run away But I'm not so I guess I'll stay Heaven forbid I'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger I looked into your eyes And my world came tumbling down You're the devil in disguise That's why I'm singing this song To know you Is to love you You're everywhere I go And everybody knows To love you Is to be part of you I paid for you with tears And swallowed all my pride Beautiful stranger Beautiful stranger If I'm smart then I'll run away But I'm not so I guess I'll stay Haven't you heard?

I fell in love with a beautiful stranger I looked into your face My heart was dancing all over the place I'd like to change my point of view If I could just forget about you To know you Is to love you You're everywhere I go And everybody knows I looked into your eyes And my world came tumbling down You're the devil in disguise That's why I'm singing this song to you To know you Is to love you You're everywhere I go And everybody knows I paid for you with my tears And swallowed my pride Beautiful stranger Beautiful stranger Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Beautiful Stranger song meanings. Add your thoughts 27 Comments. General Comment I have no idea what the guy's name is-but she had like a triangle no not threesome shocking I know. Betwixt herself,him and Guy Ritchie. She was preggers by this guy and he actually treated her bad! Guy Ritchie apparently knock the guy out a party even. The song is about him There was an error.

I forgot to add when I posted that ages ago-that I met my own "Beautiful Stranger" once. General Comment "To know you is to love you". I've been told that many times before.Christine's Tune.

The Flying Burrito Brothers. Christine's Tune A. Devil in Disguise. You're The Devil in Disguise. Rhythm of the Night [JCI]. The Very Best of En Vogue. Devil In Disguise. Loba [Bonus Tracks]. Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. Elvis, Best Hits in Japan. Elvis: 30 1 Hits [Bonus Tracks]. She Wolf [Live]. She Wolf [Bonus Tracks]. Devil in Disguise You're the. She Wolf [Deeplick Club Remix]. She Wolf [Calvin Harris Remix]. Get promoted. In Lyrics.

By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Best matches: Disguise.

Elvis Presley Song Meanings

Motionless in Whi…. Another Day. Cabin by the Sea. Damned But Not Fo….It was published by Elvis Presley Music in June The song peaked at No. The song also topped Japan's Utamatic record chart in the fall of The song went on to reach No. Bass singer Ray Walkerof the gospel vocal group The Jordanaires who also worked as Presley's backing vocalists for much of his careeris featured in the song, singing the repeated phrase, "Oh, yes, you are," before the song's fade.

A cover version by Trisha Yearwood appears on the Honeymoon in Vegas soundtrack, which consists mainly of covers of Presley songs. Punk rock band The Misfits covered the song on the extended edition of Projectan album which also contained a cover of Presley's " Latest Flame ".

Scotty Moore and D. Fontana have performed the song live in concert. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Devil in Disguise disambiguation. Record Research. John Lennon: The Life.

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Doubleday Canada. Ultratop Retrieved February 17, January 27, Tsort pages. Retrieved February 22, Archived from the original on January 7, Media Control Charts.

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PhonoNet GmbH. Irish Recorded Music Association.Thank you again Colonel. I have now found it and registered. I have already noticed your many contributions and will explore further as time permits and perhaps leave a link to this site in case of interest.

Post a Comment. Total Pageviews. Friday, 14 September Devil in Disguise. I found some interesting links which Colonel Snow posted on the Elvis forum which I think is part of the same site.

This is one of them - the demo version of Devil in Disguise. Unlike most of the posts on here, D evil in Disguise wasn't a song Elvis picked up on but one which was specially written for him by the prolific team Giant Baum and Kaye who wrote many of his film songs. This was one of the better songs that was not featured in any of Presley's movies. It peaked at number three in the US on the Billboard singles chart and number nine on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues singles chart, becoming his last top ten single on the Rhythm and Blues charts.

The song also topped Japan's Utamatic record chart in the fall of The song is noted for Presley's singing in a low register to represent the Devil with the repeated phrase "Oh, Yes, You Are", before the song's fade. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Lyrics submitted by peacewarrior Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - F. Flying Burrito Brothers — Devil in Disguise. Read More Edit Wiki. Lyrics submitted by peacewarrior21 "Christine's Tune A. Devil in Disguise song meanings. Add your thoughts 4 Comments. General Comment the girl christine era la chica mas rapida de todo el condado de tejas she was he fastest in the airand the guitar sound was No Replies Log in to reply.

There was an error. General Comment Written about a Christine. It was originally entitled "Christine's Tune", but was changed after Christine died. General Comment This describes someone I know perfectly!

Nightcore - Devil In Disguise (Lyrics)

Someone who's insecure, jealous, angry, and oppresses others to get what they want. What they don't know is that some are clever, or maybe above and won't fall in their devilish ways! Christine Hinton got behind the wheel of David's VW bus to take her two cats to the veterinarian.

As she maneuvered onto the highway, one of the cats escaped the arms of her friend, who was sitting in the passenger seat. The cat pounced on Christine, sending her into a collision with a school bus; Christine was killed.

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Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Devil in Disguise lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Flying Burrito Brothers Lyrics.

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Join Now!Having been both ground infantry and Air Wing during my 20 in the Corps the remark about must be air wing is a little assine since simple fact is that the complaints are mainly from the infantry side Pendleton and Lejuene. It is a two sided problem in that some think of dog as being bad "you get dogged out" "she's a dog" but the main problem is some the religious right nuts think the term Devil is bad and the US being God's country and we are on God's mission in Iraq so referring to us as Devil's makes it sound disrespectful.

devil in disguise song meaning

I fought for Corps and Country and what ever God, gods, if any I worship is and was no one's business I didn't fight for any religion or faith so I really think the term is a good one, is traditional. It appears what the politically correct extreme left isn't trying to change the extreme religious right is.

The term is an mark or respect and should be taught as such-thankfully they don't know some of the things USMC I heard it meant in Vietnam. Uncle Sam's Misbegotten Children being one of nice ones. Usually the devil doesn't get his way with us by appearing to us as a hideous ugly revolting creature.

He was originally the most beautiful angel, according to the bible, I think. His name Lucifer, means "radiant one". He was, in a sense, God's brightest star. He can still appear this way, to some extent. Do you remember the early rock in roll song about the "Devil with the blue dress on"?

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In the garden of eden, satan tempted adam and eve with the idea of being like God, not with the idea of learning what it is like to become spiritually broken, and to cause the introduction of physical and moral and spiritual death into their perfect world. Lucifer is a Latin word.

It means someone who appears to wonderful, charming or good on the outside but they're really stinkers on the inside. It's why they say Satan can appear as an Angel of light but it's all deception. They might come across nice but in reality have ulterior motives. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Devil in mask. Devil with mask.

Masked devil. Concealed devil.

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