Not sure about you, but when I think of competitive arm wrestling the first thing comes to mind is Over The Top. What can I say? The league claims that the sport is rising as fast as ever. Again perfect fit for the new BRLive streaming platform. So Kaplan and his business partners are confident that people will watch.

That was a montage of Erika Bengtsson getting psyched before her matches — the epitome of entertaining. The culture is open and inclusive. And I would love to see nothing short of a Hollywood script — pitting the waitress versus the trucker, the grad student versus the weight-lifting soccer mom. The possible storylines are endless, really. Photo: Facebook.

I rebelled drastically and became one of the best female arm wrestlers in the world. Two years later Tamara graduated high school and started competing immediately. Tamara is proud to be the only Canadian ever to hold National titles in four different weight categories and hold USA open National titles. Daughter to Lennart Andersson a Swedish National Champion, she competed in her first ever armwrestling tournament at the age of 7 and has been pulling competitively ever since. Erika strengthened her armwrestling pedigree even further inby marrying her longtime partner and Swedish Armwrestling Champion Glenn Bengtsson.

She found armwrestling whilst overcoming two cancer diagnoses and used the sport to give her direction and drive in recovery. I felt helpless, scared, lost my strength, my energy and my will. Michelle is an inspiring figure for armwrestlers and women everywhere! Her determination, grit and tenacity in both recovery and armwrestling make her a role model to look up to. Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes for Mandatory. Photo: WWW.Body Transformation Specialist Heavyweight.

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Check back here or on Facebook for updates soon. Thank you!Whether it be their unbelievably muscular physiques, their incredible height or somewhat disturbing excess bodyweight, big guys always found a spot on the card simply due to how physically imposing they were.

Rather than having can't-miss monsters that almost feel like circus attractions, large North American companies in the likes of WWE and WCW opted to showcase beauty and grace in the early 90s before the inclusion of ECW brought about an era of downright degradation.

Though women's wrestling has drastically changed from those days to now, the theme for successful female wrestlers has remained the same: small. However, history features a cast of women who have been able to find success as genuine monsters of the ring.

Much like the male powerhouses of yesteryear, these women have physical presences that make you stop and stare in awe. Keep in mind we live in the wrestling land of make-believe where a few hundred pounds tacked on here or there is commonplace, so a few of the numbers may not exactly be accurate. What is for certain, however, is that all of these female wrestlers had to be seen to be believed. Although her profile states so, Diane Von Hoffman was not pounds, but let's play along.

So, coming in first at a very questionable billed pounds is Diane Von Hoffman, who was trained by the legendary Fabulous Moolah and earned her first break in the WWF as part of the successful Moondogs stable that were prominent in the 80s and early 90s. On top of personal accolades, Von Hoffman is credited as being one of the hardest working women to step into the ring, playing a major role in continuing the growth of women's wrestling in the early 90s. Von Hoffman officially retired inbringing to a close a year career that any wrestler would be proud of.

Unlike other on this list, Beth Phoenix isn't necessarily anything out of the ordinary when you look at her height and weight. However, that pounds was pure muscle and it set her apart from just about any other woman to step into a WWE ring.

What's more impressive is that the Glamazon was at the peak of her powers when women's wrestling was at its worst, polluted by ex-models and actresses that only had a passing interest in professional wrestling. While others were offering little more than eye candy, Phoenix was providing at least a shred of legitimacy to WWE women's wrestling by plowing through her competition and earning credit for being the shining light of an otherwise worthless division.

Though she retired from wrestling in to become a professional golfer - successfully joining the LPGA in - Nakano's official retirement ceremony came inwhere she was celebrated as one of the most versatile big women to step inside the ropes.

Though Bull Nakano and Matsumoto are billed at the same weight of lbs, it's clear to the naked eye that the latter was larger despite her smaller stature. Unlike her tag team partner, Matsumoto lacked the versatility to become a mainstay at the top of the card. However, that's not to say she wasn't an incredibly successful performer in her own right. Following her retirement match in against Bull Nakano - though she performed in an exhibition match 10 years later when she joined the AJW Hall of Fame - Matsumoto appeared in a number Japanese movies with varying success.

Kong was poised to become a major player in the WWF following a strong showing at the Survivor Series event, during which she pinned all four members of her opposing team including WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze.

However, Kong's opportunity was cancelled after Blayze's high profile firing. Jessicka Havok, commonly known for her time in TNA, is the sort of wrestler that demands attention. From her alternative appearance to her unmissable frame, it's no surprise that Havok has had plenty of success in her career already. Along with her time in TNA, Havok is extremely accomplished in various women's wrestling promotions including Shine, Shimmer and most prominently Women Superstars Uncensored, where she made her name.

Havok was on track to become an NXT signing when old tweets that were of a homophobic and racist nature were surfaced.The sport of Arm wrestling has gained tremendous popularity all over the world since its recognition in the s.

A test of forearm strength between two competitors, arm wrestling in its early days was mostly a male dominated sport. However, it soon saw participation from women athletes, and till date, there have been many legendary female arm wrestlers who have graced the sport. Since then, the rise of women in the sport has given its audience some of the greatest female arm wrestlers, who have inspired many women to take up the sport.

Throughout the history of the sport, the women of arm wrestling have given many memorable matches for the audience. From hot blooded, high intensity battles to the clash of endurance and technique, these matches have left a mark in the global arm wrestling fandom for their distinctiveness.

Below here are five of the best female arm wrestling bouts of all time. The final of the A1 Russian Open World Armwrestling Grand Prix saw the clash between two of the most iconic female arm wrestlers of all time. Facing an opponent from the heavier class was no walk in the park for Makeeva, but the Russian ultimately came out on top to win the prestigious tournament. Former world no.

female arm wrestler

One of the most successful Swedish arm wreslters of all time, Reisek had a best of three bout against the former WAF super-heavyweight world champion King. After a test of endurance in the first round, Reisek took the lead, followed by a second round which saw a quick finish for the Swede. Even though Poole took the lead in the first round, the Swedish legend powered through the rest of the rounds, ending the match with a superb victory.

Beating the legendary Irina Makeeva was a stupendous feat for the Swedish arm wrestling champion Heidi Andersson. At the final of the World Armwrestling Federation World Championships in Kazhakstan, Andersson overpowered her Russian opponent reached the pinnacle of the arm wrestling world, and defeated the right arm dominant Makeeva in her prime, and was the only arm wrestler to do so.

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Arm Wrestling.Arm Wrestling is a recognized sport with a plethora of candidates pursuing the art with the hope of basking in its glory. There have been numerous personalities who have earned recognition through the sport of arm wrestling. Coming from a family with a heritage of arm-wrestling, Brzenk was heavily influenced by the art by his father John Brzenk Sr.

One of the major injuries he suffered was a broken arm which almost threatened the existence of his career, but Chaffee moved past it and went on to become the WAF World Champion just three years later.

An aspect that sets Chaffee in a league of his own is his demeanor at the table. He has managed to dominate the sport with the utmost aura of calmness. Holding several records in Russia, including the biggest biceps and strongest man, Denis Cyplenkov or also known as the Russian Hulk is a menacing figure. Having a bicep measuring up to 63cm, Cyplenkov weighs kg and has numerous accomplishments to his name.

The move was given birth after year-old suffered multiple fractures to his arm. The awkward style is often countered by the elite with their technique and strength. Currently regarded as one of the best when it comes to right arm-wrestling, Levan Saginashvili got into the sport by accident after joining a gym, where his trainer encouraged him to go for it.

The Georgian began with little steps by watching videos of the sport on YouTube and eventually idolizing John Brzenk. Log in to leave a comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Terms and Conditions. Password recovery. Saturday, October 10, Forgot your password? Get help. Sports India Show. The Wankhede stadium in Mumbai to have guided tours. Robbie Fowler appointed as the new head coach of East Bengal. Can CSK turn the tables and reach playoffs?

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler set to be named East Bengal head…. Latest Trends in Sports — What to Expect. Basketballer Amritpal and boxer Neeraj Phogat latest Indian athletes to be…. Esports at all time high after 2 years worth of growth…. Home Arm Wrestling 5 best arm wrestlers in the world today. Arm Wrestling. Entrance is free! Be there!The Current Pound for Pound list is just a list with no particular order not rankingsbecause it was too hard to rank the best Current Pound for Pound armwrestlers.

Each voter can allocate point to an armwrestler. Scroll down to see the conditions to become a voter. Why these new rankings? The rankings should be made by armwrestlers who really follow this sport and have knowledge about it.

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We have a chat group where voters discuss about the armwrestling events. Although all voters watch the same matches they often have very different opinions about what happened there. One example: the recent left hand matches between Oleg Zhokh vs. In tennis there is absolutely no way to go fast at the top of the rankings.

It is a very slow process, you have to compete and win a lot of matches in well ranked tournaments to get enough points, in order to get at the top of the rankings. If we would try to apply a similar points system in armwrestling then Denis Cyplenkov, who now competes only once in 2 years in Vendettas, would never enter the top 20 rankings even if he wins each time.

We have a new voter — Alexandros Volteas. The Current Pound for Pound list is just a list with no particular order not rankingsbecause it was too hard to rank the best current Pound for Pound armwrestlers. Krasimir Kostadinov moved up above Dmitry Silaev in the left hand rankings. In the left arm rankings there is a tie: Krasimir Kostadinov and Georgy Dzeranov are both on 6th place.

And in the right arm rankings there is also a tie: Genadi Kvikvinia and Tim Bresnan are both on 9th place. Armwrestlers know what to expect when they compete in WAL events… If they agree with the rules and what is allowed there, we also have to accept the results and include them in the rankings, whether we like it or not…. WAL3. WAL4. WAL In the left arm rankings Evgeny Prudnik and Alex Kurdecha have the same number of points therefore they are both on 8th place, Oleh Danilov and Grigory Orekhov have the same number of points therefore they are both on 10th place.

In the right arm rankings Evgeny Prudnik and Devon Larratt have the same number of points therefore are both on 7th place, Rustam Babayev and Todd Hutchings have the same number of points, therefore they are both on 9th place. Removed - : 1. Levan Saginashvili is now no. In the right arm rankings there is a tie: Michael Todd and Genadi Kvikvinia are both on 4th place.

If you want to understand why ties happen, scroll down and read below the rankings. For the first time we have a tie: Dmitry Trubin and Andrey Pushkar have the same number of points, they both are on 2nd place in the right hand rankings. We now only show Top 15 instead of Top Viacheslav Sharagovich was the first one who almost pinned Trubin with left hand, he got him tired.

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Viacheslav Sharagovich, Manuel Battaglia and Markus Liebminger were not in the top 20 therefore Dmitry Trubin was removed from the top 20 left hand rankings to reflect the current state of his left arm. All other armwrestlers moved one position up. Other armwrestlers were removed and some were added.World Armwrestling Championships is the main arm wrestling championship in the World. It is organized by the World Armwrestling Federationfounded in Medals are awarded separately for right and left hands in every weight class and age groups.

Senior weight classes in [2].

5 best arm wrestlers in the world today

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. World Armwrestling Federation. Retrieved World Arm Wrestling Federation. Archived from the original on World championships. List of world sports championships.

female arm wrestler

Association football men men's club women women's club Baseball men women Basketball men women 3x3 basketball club Beach volleyball Curling Mixed doubles Field hockey men women Handball men women Ice hockey men women Rugby sevens Sailing Softball men women Volleyball men men's club women women's club Water polo. Carrom Carom billiards Three-cushion individual team five-pin individual team artistic English billiards amateurs women Pool eight-ball nine-ball ten-ball straight pool Snooker six-red women amateurs.

female arm wrestler

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5 greatest female arm wrestling bouts of all time

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