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Kool, thanks. Boas, claro que sabes, pelo menos o de admin: User: Administrator Pass: 3! Administrator sumeo microuser tech sao estes os 4 user's que o Thomson tem Estou exactamente com o mesmo problema que o Joaosg preciso de uma resposta o mais rapido possivel! Devem ter alterado a password. Viva, Estranho, eu como disse depois de terem actualizado o firmware do deixei de conseguir entrar com sumeo. Login microuser: U: microuser P:! C0nf16,M30 Estive a confirmar e funciona! Ja exprimentei o login varias vezes e nao deu, agora exprimentei por telnet e nao entra nenhuma.

Apenas uma Administrator password: nao sei abre automatico nesta conta e outra chamada meo com password: meo. PS: Agora em vez de fazer login directamente quando ponho o ip do router no browser aparece-me uma pagina do router a pedir o user e a password. Apenas consigo fazer login com meo-meo ou Administrator 3!

Usuário e password technicolor tg789vac v2

Depois do update do meu router fiquei sem sequer o ver na rede. Nem por web, nem por telnet, nem "pingavel" estava. Reiniciei o PC e voltou tudo a trabalhar normalmente. Powered by inSided. Login Login.It arrived quite locked down, in routed mode it could not deal with the complexity of my network multiple VLANsand in bridge mode it bridged the VDSL2 interface to the Wifi connection, but not Ethernet!

Following this page gave me enough background to get root on the device. The netcat trick described didn't work for me, but wiring up a serial port allowed me to get information out of the machine. Following the example herenavigate to the Traceroute diagnostic page, and enter each the commands below into the IP address field, executing a traceroute after each command.

This exploits a bug in the parser that validates user input from the web form, allowing commands to be run as root on the machine. The platform is marked 'brcm63xx-tch' rather than 'bcrm63xx'. For ARM machines eg. Getting Root Following the example herenavigate to the Traceroute diagnostic page, and enter each the commands below into the IP address field, executing a traceroute after each command.

Remove the MyRtech user remote root access to the machine. Follow the instructions to add all feeds, then enable the LUCI packages you want. Building Kernel Modules Some packages may need additional kernel modules, eg. OpenVPN requires tun.When purchased through Gradwell the router will automatically configure to use your account when you first plug it in.

This article covers both initial setup and manual configuration if necessary. Once your broadband service is activated, unpack the contents and connect up as directed in the next section. Connecting your Technicolor TGvac router is a simple process. First, determine what type of telephone socket you have. Most people have a standard telephone socket with one socket on the front.

technicolor tg789vac v2 password meo

However, you may have a filtered socket which has two sockets one smaller than the other. A microfilter has two sockets, you can plug any telephony equipment into the larger socket if you need to. Now plug the other end of the cable into the grey socket on the rear of the router. If you are using any other devices in the premises in any extension sockets, please also ensure that these are connected using a microfilter to prevent disruption to your DSL service. This includes other phones, television boxes such as Sky boxes and fax machines.

If you have a filtered sockettake the grey cable from the box and plug it into the top port of your telephone socket. Connect the other end to the grey socket on the rear of the router. Now use the Ethernet cable to connect your computer to port one on the rear of the Technicolor. Finally, plug your Technicolor TGvac router in to an electrical socket and press the black On switch on the rear of the unit.

After around five to ten minutes your broadband connection will be ready to use - you should see a green Broadband and a green Internet light on the front of your router. You can plug any other equipment into the other three available ports on the rear of the router such as other computers, switches and VoIP phones. For details on what sort of IP addresses the ports will hand out to connected equipment please see this article. You will find a sticker attached to the rear of your Technicolor router.

This sticker will have the following information:.

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A card with this information on is also included in the box. From the WiFi setup screen of your chosen device, select the network name and then enter the wireless key to access the WiFi network. If for any reason you need to configure your Technicolor TGvac manually, you can use the instructions below. Firstly, log in to the web interface of the router. If you are unsure how to do this, please see this article. From the dashboard, click Setup Your Gateway.Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Page 2 Distribution and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents are not permitted without written authorization from Technicolor. The content of this document is furnished for informational use only, may be subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Technicolor. Page 3: Table Of Contents 4. All rights reserved. This document contains Technicolor proprietary and confidential information. Passing on and copying of this document, use, extraction and communication of its contents, is not permitted without written authorization from Technicolor.

Page 4 8. Page 5 Example: On the File menu, click Open to open a file. Page 6: Getting Started 1.

technicolor tg789vac v2 password meo

Page 8: Product Overview 1. Page 15 The wireless interface is disabled. Page 26 Your main connection is always the preferred connection to the Internet. Page 38 7 Click Save. Page Account Settings Click this option to close the session and sign out. Page Cards Click to view or change the settings.

Page Toggle Buttons The service is currently disabled. Clicking this button will enable the service. The Internet Access page appears and displays additional settings.

Page Local Network To view advanced settings, click show advanced in the upper-right corner. Page Devices To view update the list, click refresh data in the upper-right corner.

Page Diagnostics Click on the icon to open the corresponding tool.Quick Links Download this manual. Before you start.

Carefully read the Safety Instructions and Regulatory Notices booklet included in the.

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Your box contains the following items:. One Safety Instructions and Regulatory Information booklet. In this document we will refer to it as MediaAccess Gateway.

technicolor tg789vac v2 password meo

One DSL cable with grey connectors. One Ethernet cable with yellow connectors. One Ethernet cable with red connectors optional.

Connect the MediaAccess Gateway to the Broadband service. To connect the MediaAccess Gateway to the Internet you can either:. Follow the instructions. In this setup the MediaAccess Gateway is. Follow the instructions from.

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Power on the MediaAccess Gateway. MediaAccess Gateway power inlet port. Plug the adapter into a nearby. If this is the case, wait until the. This can take several minutes! Do not power off your device or unplug any. Connect your wired Ethernet devices. If you want to connect a device using a wired Ethernet connection:. Connect your wireless devices" on.Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. TGvac v2. Table of Contents.

Troubleshooting troubleshooting 41 General TGvac v2 troubleshooting 96 Ethernet connection troubleshooting 97 Wireless connection troubleshooting 98 Voice over IP troubleshooting Content sharing troubleshooting Technicolor mediaaccess tgvn v2 setup and user guide pages.

Page 2 Distribution and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents are not permitted without written authorization from Technicolor. The content of this document is furnished for informational use only, may be subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Technicolor. Page 3: Table Of Contents 1. Page 4 6. For more advanced scenarios and features visit the documentation pages on www.

Page 6: Getting Started 1 Getting started Introduction This chapter gives you a brief overview of the main features and components of the TGvac v2.

Technicolor TG789VAC V2,Login

After this chapter we will start with the installation. Do not connect any cables to the TGvac v2 until instructed to do so. Internet Protocol version 6 IPv6 is the next generation of Internet technologies aiming to effectively support the ever-expanding Internet usage and functionality, and also to address security concerns that exist in an IPv4 environment. In this setup the gateway or modem in front of the TGvac v2 will establish the connection to the Internet: Internet Internet Access Device Page 9: Components 1 Getting started 1.

Page Power 1. Only use the power supply delivered with your TGvac v2.

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A LED may be provided per Ethernet port to indicate link integrity or activity. Page Broadband Connection 1. This way you will be able to make phone calls over the Internet and save on communication costs, especially for long-distance calls. Page Buttons button allows you to disable your wireless access point. You can do this when you are not using the wireless access point. This allows you to save the energy that the TGvac v2 would be using for the wireless access point.

Page Status Leds 1 Getting started 1. Info Broadband Internet Wireless 2. This allows you to return to this configuration when needed for example, after misconfiguration. Connecting the cables The procedure to be followed depends on the fact if this filter has been integrated into your TGvac v2 or not.

Check the label of your TGvac v2.I have read lots of articles and threads about extending your wifi range using an old router and confusion rules, most because people are going into detail about other routers. I want to use my Hub One as primary router and connect old Technicolor as secondary router, wirelessly. Cabling is not practical as I want one upstairs and one downstairs; and we do not have single ring electric circuit so I am presuming power line adapters etc won't work. I have got into each router's admin to have a look.

On the Hub I can see no means of switching on a repeater mode. Do I need to do this? If so how? Do I need to be disconnected from the internet to configure each router to avoid confusion? I need step by step help here, in lay terms. Hope someone can help. Still hoping someone has the know-how to tweak each router. My question was about using the Hub One as primary but I'm happy to swap them over if it makes any difference and use the TGn as primary.

Once you have those details up click "configure" on the top right and you will then be able to uncheck the box that says "Use DHCPv4 server". Scroll down a little further and click "apply". I think my only stumbling block now is how to make both routers go into repeater mode. Any help on repeater mode? What you describe is how to use the router as an Access Point - a device that permits wifi access to the main network.

I use mine as an Access Point, it works and effectively extends wifi altho i dont connect the 2 routers wirelessly which is what the OP wants to do. Moderator's note by Mike Mav : Full quote of preceding post removed as per Forum rules. OK major screw up. Success - it did a system restart but now I cannot access the thing at all! Window showing invalid address or no connection. I have used IP config to locate the address in case the restart changed it.

Looks like it went to I accessed it via Network Centre and found LAN2 connection then using properties reset it back to I did this for IP address and for IP default gateway - it applied a subnet mask of Still no joy.

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I cannot access the router. I guess it should have been done other way around. What do I do now??? Probably easiest to press the re-set button at this point. TBH I dont thnk you can achieve what you want to do ie link the two routers wirelessly because of the routers lack of WDS support as mentioned by others earlier. Dont have any specific experience of brands but I believe some can be configured to act as Access Point or Repeater. If you're still having problems test the power line adapters are working by connecting a laptop in place of the technicolor router.

I follwed npr's advice. I now have the routers connected and working with strong signals. BUT works fine on android devices but rubbish on the laptops.

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